Welcome to ResiNEWS… FINALLY!

Welcome to ResiNEWS… FINALLY!

Everything ResiCAD

This brand new view will give you the rare opportunity to see what makes ResiCAD, well ResiCAD. Whether it may be to check out the recent changes or to see what’s trending in the industry. Maybe even check out what your designers are up to on a daily basis. ResiCAD tries to keep work feeling different, so company challenges happen frequently. Again, we are not an outsource by any means. We are an extension of YOU. We are a family. Don’t you want to know what your family has been up to? Well, check this tab for updates to see new stories, highlights, and trends. We’ll do our best to get you up to date. Enjoy!

ResiCAD Tackles Social Media

Since social media gave people around the world an opportunity to connect, it has dominated the lives. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. What do they all have in common? They’re a fingertip away. Thanks to technology, apps have given the world a chance to be completed updated with what is going on around them. That is why ResiCAD has made the jump to being more transparent for you. You can now find ResiCAD on all major platforms and we made sure that we are just a click away. Check out the signature on all ResiCAD emails. It will something like this:

All buttons are clickable in all ResiCAD email signatures.

We will try our best to keep them updated weekly with information, facts, articles, and all around ReiCAD news.

Why Should I Follow ResiCAD?

Those that have been with us for a while know that the only way to find out what’s happening with ResiCAD is to either wait for an update, site visit or call in. We’re going to try and keep you ahead of the curve. We will be the first to admit that not everything posted will relate to groundbreaking, service altering news. We like to have fun too! So if you get some downtime, head over to any one of our social media accounts and take a lo

Holiday Season Hours

We would like to inform everybody of our holiday hours and to remind you of dates that ResiCAD will be closed. Google is up to date on our current business hours as well. Contact ResiCAD if you have any questions, comments, or conerns regarding closures.

Christmas Eve: Open

Christmas Day: Closed

New Years Eve: Open

New Years Day: Closed

“Good buildings come from good people, and all problems are solved by good design.”

Stephen Gardiner

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