No it is not. We do not offer completed/individual plan's or material list's for purchase. Everything done by ResiCAD is customized for you and your customer. When working with ResiCAD, you are working with real people located in Fennimore, WI.
Yes we can. Send us either a plan with the title block and logo or send a .dwg file of the title block.
Absolutely. ResiCAD will ask for a current logo to be inserted into a title block with either a disclaimer created by you or ResiCAD. No plans will have a trace of ResiCAD. Everything is created to have a complete in-house feel. This makes it less complicated working with your customers. It also keeps communication between 2 parties.
ResiCAD does not take ownership of any completed plan.
Not to worry because we have a Print & Ship option. It is an additional cost of $40. That is the price it costs us to mail it out. You will receive 5 sets of the plan.
You will receive an email with the plan or list attached as a PDF or Excel spreadsheet, so feel free to print as many as you want. If we are mailing out a full scale plan, you will receive 5 sets.
Training is usually not necessary because our process does not change your current process, but we do provide a "How To" video for submitting requests. We also have no problem making a site visit and speaking directly with your staff.
Don't worry if you are states away. Email, mail, phone, PDF, and video chats. We also have no problem coming out to you if needed. We can also work directly with your customer if you would like us to.
Yes. We will provide you with all the information exchange tools. You do not need to provide anything for yourself.
5 business days on drafting and 3 on estimating. That means if you were to submit a request for drafting on Monday, you would receive the planset back the following Monday.