The History of ResiCAD

A Drafting & Estimating Opportunity Is Born

Before a hammer hits a single nail into a piece of lumber, a builder has to have more than an idea of what the house will look like. He has to have a specific set of plans detailing everything down to a box of screws and their cost. Drafting and estimating may be the most important part of the building process because they bring what is in the home owners head out of the clouds and onto paper. Not only do they get to see the house that they have been dreaming about in reality, but they get to to see the cost as well. That’s when a dedicated core of drafters, estimators, and designers saw an opportunity. That small opportunity became ResiCAD.

ResiCAD Is Formed With One Simple Idea

ResiCAD was formed back in 2015 by a core group of dedicated drafters and estimators (Meet Us). Thanks to the 40 years of total experience, ResiCAD knows and understands the industry as a whole. Included in that 40 years of industry knowledge is 25 years of lumber yard experience. The idea behind ResiCAD is to give those without a full design department an opportunity to staff one. But isn’t that time consuming and expensive? Not when you let ResiCAD take care of it because you won’t spend a second on staffing or training, let alone the expense of purchasing program. Even for those who already have a design department, let ResiCAD take the deadline stress off of your employees.